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Beautiful Staircase designs that make your home stand out

A Beautiful Handrail has the potential of becoming a stunning focal point for any home. It has been an eye-catching element for centuries and, as its design evolved over the years, its status never changed. In fact, it became more and more important and interior designers have made it the star of their projects.

Staircase trends for 2017

One trend, that has been going on since 2016 is the curved staircases. This look goes perfectly with modern and classic design interior, so you can be sure that this design is the best choice. Of course, curved staircases need a lot of space and not everyone has it. Still, if you have an opportunity – use it!


Here’s an example of an amazing contemporary staircase design. It’s a spectacular spiral staircase with floating stairs and curve glass handrails that beautifully follow its shape. It’s the perfect solution for an airy décor and it also has a dramatic effect, serving as a focal point for the décor.


Metal staircases or stair rails really do look the part. They can be simple ‘straight up and down’ designs or an ornately curving, grandiose object that befits a large house or premises. They can be mixed and matched with glass or even timber to create that real wow factor and if you wanted to you could get one constructed to wrap around a large portion of your home for that real statement of intent. Whether you want soft and elegant or industrial and hard-edged, metal should always be your material of choice.

A staircase is an important part of the house.

Not only are they for safely getting from point A To B but It works as a linking tool from one floor to another especially to those floors located at the upper levels. Aside from the practical use of the staircase, it also provides an impressive style factor to the entire design of the home. There are many different types of staircases available out there yet you have to be careful when selecting which type of staircase to use because not only is it challenging and costly to build one, it is also a waste of materials when you try to create one and end up realizing that it’s not the perfect fit for your needs and that of the rest of your family’s.

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Date Published: Aug 31 2017 11:38AM
Date Edited: Aug 31 2017 2:37PM