Fabricated metal as furniture?


Custom furniture and framework is popular for anyone looking for something unique. From interior designers, cabinet makers, builders and the DIY individual with a great idea, Designer Metalworks can help you!

Why Custom Furniture Is Better Than Mass Produced Pieces

Custom furniture can be built to the perfect fit!
One of the best things about commissioning custom built furniture is the fact that it can be built to ensure a perfect fit.

Materials can be chosen to suit individual needs!
When you choose a custom furniture designer all the power is in your hands. You don’t need to settle for the cheaper, flimsier and sometimes harmful materials that are used in conventional products. 

Create furniture that is as unique as you!
If your home is an expression of your personality then custom furniture is the perfect choice for you. You can work closely with our designer to create a bespoke piece that is 100% individual and will make your home truly unique.

Custom means keepsake!
While a chain store bed or chair is more or less disposable, a custom creation is something that you can pass on from generation to generation. The beautiful craftsmanship, high quality materials and unique design will ensure that it is treasured for generations to come. CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU!

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Publisher: Designer Metalworks
Date Published: Oct 26 2017 10:54AM
Date Edited: Oct 26 2017 11:59AM